Add or Copy a page

There are two options when adding a new page. You can create a new blank page or copy an existing page on your website. Sometimes it’s quicker to take a page that has a layout that suits the requirements of the new page, copy it, then simply change the content. This also helps keep the look and feel of your site consistent.

Copy a page

There are two ways to copy a page, from the website Frontend and from the WordPress Admin.

Copy page from Frontend

Make sure you are logged into the WordPress admin then on the Frontend (public) of the website browse to the page that you want to copy. Then in the top Admin bar click the Copy to New Draft button. Once you have copied the page you can then just edit the page.

Copy page in WordPress Admin

Click the Pages button from the WordPress menu. Hover over the page you want to copy then click Clone to create a copy of the page. Once you have copied the page you can then just edit the page.

Add new Blank Page

To add a new Page, hover your cursor over the Pages menu option in the left-hand navigation menu and in the fly-out menu, click the Add New button. Alternatively, click the Pages menu option and then click the Add New link underneath, or the Add New button at the top of the page. You will be presented with a page similar to the image below.

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