Recover or Reset User password

USER: Recover your own password

  1. From the login screen click Forgot Password
  2. Enter your email address or username.
  3. Click the Request Password Reset button
  4. This will send you an email with details on how to reset your password. If you don’t receive the email please check your Spam/Junk mail folder

ADMIN: Send a user a password reset

You will need the users registered email or username

  1. Login to the WordPress admin
  2. In the WordPress menu(left side of page) click Users > All Users
  3. If you have many users registered you can search for the person using the search field top right. Enter their registered email address or username into the search box and click Search Users. If you don’t have their email address you can search by Name.
  4. Once you have found the user hover over their name and you will see some links appear under their username. Click the Send password reset link. This will send the email to the registered email address. If they don’t have access to the email address anymore you can change it by editing their profile page.

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